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Writer of Non-fiction, Fiction, Memoirs, Poems, Short Stories, Blogs; Also an Artist of Aboriginal/Canadian, Water Colours, Abstract and Landscape Paintings.

A Little About Me

Born in the wild and lush forests of Northern Alberta, Canada, in the oil sands trading post town of Fort McMurray, my birth father was a Hungarian fur trader and my mother a Metis, a mixture of Scottish and Aboriginal (Cree) heritage. I was a one-year-old baby when the family split up. A loving Danish couple, Ruth & Bruce Jorgensen, eventually adopted my twin sister and me. They were the only mom and dad we knew.

I grew up in Lethbridge, in Southern Alberta, a wind-swept prairie town one hour north of the US border, on the edge of the Canadian Rockies. At nineteen, I married a Swiss man and had my only child, Marc. Two years later we moved to Klosters, Switzerland, where I experienced my first taste of living in a foreign country. Besides being a mom, I was a ski instructor and private English teacher. Years later, we returned to Canada, where we divorced.

After going back and forth between Europe and Canada, I settled in my home country, living in Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Alberta, and later on Vancouver Island.

Over the years, my life was busy with family, a second marriage, several business ventures, studied and worked as a reporter and photographer for a local newspaper, on documentary films in Calgary – later – driving instructor and professional driver, and even a wrapper in a Swiss chocolate factory. In my spare time, I write poetry, short stories and plays. I also dabble in Indigenous abstract and landscape paintings, and live theatre.

Always up for a challenge, I travelled solo to Thailand, China, and Italy. I spent three winters in San Felipe, Mexico. I visited Germany, France, the Netherlands, Greece, the UK, and Hungary, plus Asia and North America (the western and central states including California and Arizona), and travelled across Canada, coast to coast.

Surrounded by farm life and animals all my life, my love of animals has involved me with many animal rescue organizations and charities throughout the years in Canada, Mexico and Portugal. I volunteer at APPA, SOS Alvor, and various online organizations.

In 2015, recently retired and now a single mature lady looking for some stability and an easy-going lifestyle, I was searching for a winter retreat in Europe to be closer to my son Marc and grandson, Rafael, who live in Switzerland. So I crossed the pond once again from my home country of Canada, and by accident, stumbled upon Portugal.

I now spend my winters here with my two cats as company. Adventurous and free-spirited, I am always learning and growing as an individual and welcome new endeavours and challenges in my life. I have adopted Buddhism as my spiritual enlightenment, and believe we all have choices on our path in life, and no matter if they are right or wrong, we need to put the past behind us and learn from our mistakes. We are guided by our beliefs and the law of attraction. I also strongly believe in overcoming our fears, and taking risks in our lives, diminishing our regrets later in life.
I Heard The Alps Call His Name is my first book published in August 2021. I am working on a non-fiction sequel, a children’s book, a book of poems, a play, and a selection of essays.

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