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Blog 5 Book 2 ‘Crossing The Pond’ by Junebug Jorgensen       

     It’s finally in the works!     The sequel to my first book is being written in baited enthusiasm, penned each day with vigor any writer would be proud to boast of.      Not that it was ever forgotten; at the very least, some stories were started a while ago, even year’s ago.      The…

Blog4Travels With The Crazy Cat Lady Carnivals

Blog 4 Travels With The Crazy Cat Lady Carnival- Portugal Junebug Jorgensen It’s Carnival time!“Are you coming to the carnival in Loule next week?” asked my friend Gerry.“No, I don’t think so, I have too much to do,” I answered, with a hint of trepidation, knowing full well I was in the minority.Carnival season had…

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