New book published

Last August, 2021, I published my first book, ‘I Heard The Alps Call His Name.’ This was after years of starts and stops, re-write and re-names, changing careers, locations, even countries, finally coming to the conclusion that it was now or never – realizing this life was not a dress rehearsal – that it was the only one we were given, and one day it would be over. I had to make the best of it and fullfill all my dreams….now.

I have written most of my life, from journals to poems, to short stories, newspaper reporter, film scripts to plays. My files are full – my Words doc is getting larger everyday. I want to finish so many that I’ve started, written as drafts, short stories that I want to publish or make into a book. My days are not long enough to make this all happen.

I am proud, yet humbled, that I was able to finish my first book. It was honestly one of the hardest accomplishments in my life. To re-live those painful memories over again and have to find the right words to describe these feelings, was excruciatingly hard. I tore up many a page, deleted many a word, sentances, full chapters; shed many tears – locked myself away for hours at home, even days – sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, to the point of wanting to give up. But somehow the next day or a few days later I managed to pick up my tablet and begin again, one word, one baby step at a time.

I’m delighted that I did. I wrote the story the very best that I could, and as truthfully as I could muster. I hope you will read it, and if you have, thank you! It means a whole bunch to me that you have.

love and hugs,