Poem: Onwards On

They came in numbers,

overflowing with restless stubbornness,

onwards, on-

bodies free of antigens and marks,


scathed with disease and misery.

They marched into the night,

to a packed house of fools,

walking against the statistics,

onwards, on-

lined up like soldiers,

away from the protection,

of mass vials and needles.

They kept their sleeves up,

in defiance for their freedom,

oversaturated from social media,

under saturated with empathy,

not queuing in line,

onwards, on-

in the hope their turn will not come.

Who is this group,

who will not go onwards, on?

who stay away in droves,

while thousands die,

before their time,

before they said goodbye –

and the poor and aged suffer.

No turning back now,

the jab is near, your turn is near,

don’t give the bug a chance –

no room for error,

we cannot wait,

time will not wait,

march covered, march protected,

march onwards, on.

by ‘Junebug’ Jorgensen Dec. 2021